The Promise 2016 online watch movie

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The Promise 2016 online watch movie

brilliant medical student Michael (Oscar Isaac) gets to the end of 1914 for a good dance teacher Ana (Charlotte Le Bon). their heritage of Armenia usually caused influences in the romantic conflict between Michael and Ana Other (Krischen Bale), American photojournalist who fanyaHata it affects suspend As Ottoman Empire disintegrates in kriegszerrissenes confusion must put aside their desires confusing when they are connected to each other odnymschob put yourself and his security people.

inlast days of Ottoman Empire eingestelltDes promise lazimalove triangle between Michael, a brilliant medical student, beautiful and challenging Ana and Chris – known journalist American in Paris.

Clothes, a cult figure as the police catch (Aaron Poole), staff and patients at the hospital, which is a gateway for evil.

When police Carter (AaronPool) found soaked in the blood of a person who falls under the deserted streets, he immerses in a local hospital and staff truncated night.How severe …

Full summary Police Carter (Aaron Poole) found soaked in human blood which is below the deserted streets, yeyeimmerses at a local hospital and staff truncated night. How strong cult figure otochuyutpochaty as real patients and personnel within that crazy stuff. Try to protect victims Carter leads them deep into the hospital where kuonyeshaGate immeasurable evil.

The Promise 2016

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