Samsung Kies 3 download

Samsung Kies 3 download


Samsung Kies 3

Samsung Kies Samsung official tool for devices based on Android, which allows you to control music and video. If you have a computer and a mobile phone from Samsung, which is also important.

What it does

SamsungKies, you also can set and update firmware for Samsung mobile phones and updated regularly to suit the release of Samsung mobile phones. Also, Samsung Kies also working to transfer and manage contacts andkalendarempodiyi between mobile devices and Mac.

A time Microsoft Office, Samsung Kies allows you to synchronize Microsoft Outlook on your computer to mobile devices from Samsung. It is also useful as a backup solution because it can back up data on mobile devices,Including the configuration (eg setting common list of Wi-Fi), alarm contacts, music, videos or pictures. Note that it is not supporting media protection DRM.


Although packed with features,Samsung Kies is unreliable. Sometimes you can not identify devices connected Samsung, can be difficult to coordinate and can be very slow.

Samsung Kies feels like a work in progress. It does not control the content on your phone just as easily asApple, doenvan iTunes.


Samsung Kies is an important tool for users of computer devices Samsung Android, but it dosytnedoliky.Beaware Samsung Kies does not support the version of Android for change

When you connect the device via your mobile phoneUSB, you will be informed of changes firmware of your device automatically.

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